Important Changes to Google Maps APIs.

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At this point it kind of feels like digital dominos with the changes coming in thick and fast, one after the other in the ever changing digital landscape. Now lets talk about the new important changes to Google Maps API.

We previously brought your attention to the upcoming WordPress Gutenberg update and LinkedIn’s platform innovations. And most recently, the Cambridge Analytica Scandal that caused the social media landscape to change. Lets not even talk about the GDPR. Now this.

Google recently announced important changes to the Google Maps Platform. As the majority of websites have an embedded Google Map, this will probably affect your website.

Important Changes to Google Maps APIs.

What are the changes?

Google Maps are launching their new pricing plan and providing all users access to support and will continue to offer a free tier — all users will receive $200 of free monthly usage of their core products.

This change will require you to enable billing and associate it with all of your Google Maps Platform projects. Creating a billing account helps Google better understand your usage so they can continue developing helpful products.Beginning on June 11, 2018, you’ll need to have a valid API key for all projects. This will give you the ability to scale easily with less downtime and fewer performance issues. Google Maps will also stop supporting keyless usage, meaning any request that doesn’t include an API key or Client ID will not show the map.

What are the next steps?

You will need to create an authorized API and then create a billing account and link the two. After that you need to ensure you update your websites Google Map Module with the new API. If you have an embedded map, you will need to re-embed the <i-frame> with the new code.

Not too complicated, right? If you know what you doing. In my early days of development, just the mere mention of the dreaded word “API” would send shivers down my spine. If this is the same response you have, read up on our digital glossary of terms and then I suggest you get someone knowledgeable to assist you. Soon.

Important Changes to Google Maps APIs.

And if you don’t?

Your Google Map will stop working. Simple as that! It will also show a JavaScript error, which is never great for prospective customers viewing your contact page. So its pretty important that you get this updated to keep your website on the right side of the digital curve.

Naturally, Banter has setup our API and is in the process of linking all our retainer clients’ Google Maps to it. Just another reason why a website maintenance plan with Banter is very important. If you have any questions on how we can help with this update or you would like to get onto a website maintenance plan with us, please contact us.

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