The importance of a reputable hosting company

by | Sep 29, 2022 | Technical, Web

Following on from part 1 of this security mini series: The importance of website security, I assume you have taken all the available measures to protect your website. If not, read this first.

However, is there more you can do to secure your website as much as possible?


This is where your hosting company comes in. Generally your websites will be hosted on a shared server or a self managed server. Either or, the majority will be with an IT company that has the infrastructure to maintain servers.

Here are a few things to be aware of to add an additional layer of security to your website.

1. Website Hosting Company

First, find a reputable, fast, secure and reliable company with great customer support to host your digital assets.

If a host can’t provide these services, then I would suggest you look elsewhere:

  • Good and powerful resources and hardware
  • Maintain an uptime of at least 99.5%
  • Use server-level security tactics
  • Accessible and responsive customer support
  • Reasonable pricing

There are some really great “big players” out there that have very decent packages available to you that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, but we prefer a more personalised solution with a smaller boutique reseller of hosting.

I cannot stress enough how important a reputable host is.

2. PHP Version 

WordPress is coded mainly in PHP and just like all software, PHP has versions and these should be updated accordingly.

Out-dated versions of PHP are no longer safe to use and I strongly suggest that you update this. Trust me, your hosts will be more than willing to assist with this.

3. Firewalls

One of the more advanced things you can do to add extra security measures to your website is to use a web application firewall or WAF.

WAF is usually a cloud-based security system that offers another layer of protection on your site. They do offer wait a few additional performance advantages but essentially it blocks all hacking attempts and filters out other malicious types of traffic, like distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks or spammers.

Website Security

4.         SEO and Performance

Not quite a security measure, but very important none the less.

The Google ranking and SEO of your site is partly determined by your websites speed and performance. This is directly related to your hosting platform and company of choice. 

If you are still unsure of what is needed to secure your site or if you require a reputable hosting company, then get on touch – we will be happy to assist.

From here on out – you can sleep easy knowing your website is secure and any “intruder” is going to get blocked. And unlike the real world, if something does still get in and cause damage – at least you have that backup handy…

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