How AI is effecting the world of website development

by | Jun 9, 2023 | AI, Digital

Over the last few months, every Tom, Dick and Harry is not only hearing about AI, what AI can do, the benefits of AI and the dangers of AI, but also imposes the need for every Tom, Dick and Harry to question their own place in this new crazy world. Will it change my life? Will it take my Job? When can I expect little robots running around my house?

These are all very valid questions for Tom, Dick and Harry. Questions that we ourselves at Banter, have asked over the last few years, and more so in the last few weeks as the AI “Gold Rush” gains widespread media coverage.

Keeping you ahead of the digital curve these days (on a curve that is increasing exponentially) is no easy task. Constant research, internal training, adapting, testing and measuring takes place daily. This allows us to see how we can harness, use and manage these advancements and how it will not only affect our business, but also affect our clients businesses. We’ve been using AI for quite some time now; we just didn’t term it as Artificial Intelligence. You may be more familiar with words like; algorithms, bots and automation (ringing a bell?)

Undoubtedly, AI is here to stay and is changing the world, as we know. And, which should come as no surprise to us all, AI has the ability to revolutionize the way businesses approach website development.

Here are 5 ways that AI can and will assist in website development:

  1. Personalised website experiences: AI can analyse user data to create personalised experiences for website visitors. This can lead to increased engagement and conversions, as users are more likely to interact with content that is tailored to their needs.
  2. Automated content creation: With AI, businesses can automate the creation of content such as blog posts and product descriptions. This can save time and resources while still producing high-quality content.
  3. Improved website functionality: AI can be used to improve website functionality by providing automated customer service, chat bots, and voice assistants that can assist users in navigating the site and completing tasks.
  4. Enhanced website design: AI can analyse user behaviour to create designs that are optimised for user engagement and conversions. This can lead to a more visually appealing and user-friendly website.
  5. Streamlined website maintenance: AI can assist in website maintenance by automating tasks such as updates and backups. This can save time and resources while ensuring that the website is always up-to-date and functioning properly.
AI effecting website development

So as you can see, AI has the potential to transform the website development process and provide businesses with a competitive advantage by utilising AI-powered tools.

(Inside secret: “Banter already makes use of 3 of the above points.”)

One such AI tool we make use of already at Banter is

This little piece of software allows us to prompt a custom WordPress functionality requirement and it provides the code snippet for us to use within our websites. This reduces the amount of time needed to either write our own base code, or pull from a past project and adapt it to meet the current need.

Naturally we still have to test and tweak the code to suit our exact requirements before unleashing it on a live site, but to be able to springboard off the base code provided saves us time and money!

(Inside secret no. 2: “Portions of the research for this blog utilised AI software.”)

There’s no discussion on whether AI is here to stay, it is. The discussion must be around how can we utilise it to our advantage and enhance our skillset, streamline our businesses operations and remedial tasks, saving us all time and money.

During a business era where operating costs are increasing as much as technology is advancing, this could be the perfect answer to your exact needs.

Get in touch with Banter today and see how we can assist you with your digital transformation.


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