Are you ready for Gutenberg?

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What would you do if I told you that your WordPress website will stop working?

The digital landscape is forever evolving and changing as new technology, concepts, ideas and possibilities become available. Some of these changes are minor and seamless, others cause disruption and frustrations and, every now and then, one of these advancements shakes the very foundations and principles that we so heavily rely on. Enter WordPress 5.0 – The Gutenberg Editor.

This may sound a bit apocalyptic, but you get the point. This new change to WordPress Core brings it in line with modern coding standards, and aligned with open web initiatives. Are you ready for Gutenberg?

Current WordPress Editor

Current WordPress Editor

Gutenberg WordPress Editor

Gutenberg WordPress Editor

What is Gutenberg?

The Gutenberg WordPress editor is a new page builder that will integrate with WordPress core. Gutenberg (named after Johannes Gutenberg, who invented a printing press with movable type more than 500 years ago) will add content blocks and page builder-like functionality to every up-to-date WordPress website. When in use, it will replace TinyMCE as the default content editor. With Gutenberg, content is added in blocks of various types from the WordPress backend.

Their goal is to make this easier, especially for those just starting with WordPress. They are embracing “little blocks” and hope to add more advanced layout options.

Gutenberg Blocks

Gutenberg Block Sample

Gutenberg Blocks

Gutenberg Block Sample

So what does this mean if you have a WordPress website?

Plain and simple, this will effect every WordPress based website globally. Due to this update, all WordPress themes will need to be updated to accommodate the new core code.

If you are using a premium theme or plugin from a reputable developer, then they are probably working behind the scenes to update their software to meet the new WordPress standards. Hopefully you have used a child-theme as well so any further customizations are not lost either. If this is the case (like our clients) then just sit tight and wait for the theme developers to give the go ahead to update.

If, however, you have an outdated, unsupported or even free theme or plugin, chances are your website will stop working after it updates to WordPress 5.0 (which is due to be released in late November 2018). Alternative plugins and themes will need to be sourced and replaced to get your site working. And once you do get all of this sorted out, you will have to rework all your sites content as well to fit in line with the new editor. Bummer, I know!

Why do I need to update then?

Since WordPress 3.7 was released, automatic updates for minor and major security releases have become standard. Chances are, your website will auto update leaving you no choice. If you are the preverbal 4-leaf-clover and your site doesn’t update, you start placing your websites security at risk. Outdated software creates an easy back door for malware and hacking. So really, you don’t actually have a choice here.

We have your back!

For all our website retainer clients, have no fear. We have implemented measure’s that will ensure your website does NOT get updated until we have tried and tested the core update and received the thumbs up from our theme developers. When it’s ready, we will contact you and run through the process.

For everyone else, now is the time to get on a website retainer so we can handle this transition for you. If you are unsure of the state of your website and what you need to do in order to keep your website up and running, contact Banter. We will gladly review your site and advise on the next steps needed for your business. Let Banter keep your business on the right side of the digital curve.

Don’t get left behind, your brand cannot afford it!

Watch our previews of the current editor and the Gutenberg Editor

Curent WordPress Editor

Gutenberg WordPress Editor

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