4 LinkedIn Business Tactics to Watch

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The world of social had no shortage of innovation last year! Some of which included new features on trusted channels, increased brand opportunities and more focus on consumer preferences. Although we know that it’s impossible to predict how the social media marketing landscape will change over the course of a year. We can be sure that these innovations will continue to evolve and surprise us all.

LinkedIn has made a number of improvements to its advertising platform over the last year and presented a much cleaner user interface, offering new opportunities for B2C and B2B brands. With all of the developments LinkedIn HQ, we’ve got 4 LinkedIn business Tactics to watch out for. 

News Aggregation

The number of engaged users on LinkedIn has grown over the past two years, and that’s a trend that they would like to gain even more traction. One-way LinkedIn plans to keep users on its platform is by launching a dedicated network for business news.

There are over 500 million users on LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s Trending Storyline will have a stream of links to outside news sources mixed with related posts written by LinkedIn users and a dedicated team of editors will choose which stories to highlight.

LinkedIn ultimately hopes that people will start their day on LinkedIn, logging on to get the news they want. LinkedIn wouldn’t be the first platform that showcases news stories, something that Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat have already established. However, unlike the others, the LinkedIn feed will be limited to topics about professions and business – information that would be useful in work meetings.

LinkedIn business Tactics

Publishing content on LinkedIn

While most people publish short articles, less than 1000 words, the most shared content is 1000-3000 words long. Users are engaging with articles that will help them move forward along their career path.

“How-to” posts were the most shared content on LinkedIn.

If you want to publish successful content you need to be creating content that is practical, professional, and personal. Demonstrate in your content a path for others to follow and share peak experiences.

Precision Marketing

Account-based marketing has become easier thanks to new technology and more powerful Client relationship management systems. LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator assists sales teams to create sales funnels and communicate effectively with prospects.

LinkedIn’s powerful search tools have made it easy to find key individuals within organizations and be able to communicate with targeted accounts. Once a prospect is found, marketers can send them customized messages with InMail messages directly through the platform.

Expect LinkedIn to make improved data-based pathways a key focus. Click To Tweet

Targeting users through Sponsored InMail is both an efficient and cost-effective method of reaching your B2B audience. Chief Marketing Officers (CMO’s) are making more data-driven decisions than ever before, and LinkedIn has the analytics to help drive those business objectives.

LinkedIn business Tactics

Video Content

LinkedIn might have been the last of the social siblings to offer native video, but now that it’s here, early adopters are seeing fantastic results. LinkedIn is likely to become the best place for B2B’s to reach their ideal audience through video.

The personality of your business can be crucial in marketing and sales, and video creates a personal connection and gives people a better sense of who you are. Videos build trust, reinforces your brand, and showcases your knowledge and expertise. The ability to reach a B2B audience with video will be a game changer for LinkedIn marketers.

With 500 million users, LinkedIn is becoming a powerhouse in the B2B community. And you don’t have to wait to start seeing results for your company.

Don’t worry – if this is all a bit too much for you and you feel your business is falling behind, contact us and we can start the conversation on how we can maximize your presence on LinkedIn.

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