So the whole point of this blog post is to show you how to write the perfect blog post. Website updates are meant to be fun, folks (key insight right there)!

Firstly, you’re reading this because our Headline grabbed your attention. Getting you to read this Opening paragraph is the whole point of the opening, to grab your attention. Nothing more.

half_width_imageFor our next trick: The Half-Width image. It’s a sneaky one, this. We like to read fewer characters per line (CPL). So we just cut the page down the middle – easy as pie. Who says it has to be hard? There’s an art to blog updates, you know.

Talking of The Big Easy, here’s The Big Promise…

In this Sub-Heading, we give you something. For example, “if you apply the content below, your blog posts will soar”. Which means, sine qua non, we’ll rocket your business, okay?

Let’s get down to Content. Substance is always important, except it’s not what you say; it’s how you say it. The Big Feels. Make us emotional, and then we’ll listen to you. Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind. Pull on the heartstrings. Make us angry. Make us laugh.

What do people do when they’re emotional? Well, if you’re a woman (or that kind of guy), you’ll pick up the phone, or Tweet. So give us a quotable quote, round about here. The Sound-bite makes you sound like you know what you’re doing. Which in our digital world is quite a feat? Not.

A Sound-bite makes you sound like an authority. Which In our digital world is quite a feat. Click To Tweet

Another Sub-Heading – The Big Promise #2

Yes, there’s a sequel. It’s called outlining the steps. Just as this blog post does.

  1. Number one: Learn how to be hot
  2. Number two: Make a lot of money
  3. Number three: Be famous

You get the idea.

More Content follows on your promises – the How To. Make someone coffee, and they’re grateful. Teach them how to make coffee, and they become life-long self-fuelled addicts. Only kidding. However, you will always remember the first person who taught you how to brew, and let’s face it, coffee’s gone kinda viral. As will your practically useful content.

Call To Action

Urge us to buy, or call before we buy! Failing that, we’ll subscribe – it costs nothing but it’s worth a lot.

You never knew writing blog posts was child’s play? This is a treasure map. Share if you dare. Yup, you can download this infographic for free. It’s a pleasure. Told you.

(One last thing – stock photography is out. Use real people. Like us.)

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