As part of our ongoing “Video Production”/ “Video Marketing” blog series, we at Banter would like to introduce you to the sales revelation that is the video landing page (echo echo echo)! The previous 2 blogs focused on why you should use video and how to make a video. Now what do you do with this video? How is it going to help market your business?

The video landing page has two major functions; to showcase the video you have created, and to influence your customer into the next step of your sales cycle – whether that is generating leads, free trials, subscriptions or purchases.

Now, we know what you are thinking – “Isn’t that what a website’s homepage is for?” No, and for good reason! A website’s homepage is filled to the brim with information to sell the business, which means that there is no focus on one specific call to action.

Enter the video landing page, strutting its stuff; focused, simple and graceful. The video landing page focuses your prospects on one specific action (i.e. the next step in your sales cycle).  Its elegant, attractive, and oh so simple! Classy right?

The success of this; like most things in life, is dependent on the execution. If executed well, the video landing page can create conversions regardless of the content of the video. The ease and efficiency of the process is a big factor as it increases the chance of the “impulse buy”. Let’s be honest, we have all been baited by a juicy “Subscribe for free and stand the chance to win…” on the end of a massive marketing and sales hook.  So why not add another attractive element to your marketing strategy, join the fishing expedition and catch a whopper!

That being said; que the juicy bait, we at Banter pride ourselves on our many web-related offerings, and we are proud to offer video creation. So if you need a fishing partner that can prepare the juiciest bait and help you reel in your catch then look no further (or is it, hook no further?)

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