A few weeks back we posted an article on the benefits of Video Marketing, but what good is all that information without knowing how to create a video to access those benefits? Yet again, Banter comes to the rescue – we are going to give you a crash course on what you should consider when creating video to truly reap the rewards of video marketing. As with the most important things in life, video creation starts with preparation and planning. After all, “victory loves preparation”! So first things first, determining what video is most appropriate for your business type, budget, time and any other factors that are relevant. Keeping these aspects in mind, the next decision will be to decide on whether the video will be animated or live action video.
Animated videos allow for more flexibility in the video production process. This is a result of several factors. Actors aren’t required, and therefore the process is not highly dependent on the footage being well executed. The video is editable at any time, anything can be communicated with graphic and visual resources (this allows for the video to be brand specific and appropriate for any business), and finally it is more engaging and fun. However, due to the video being editable throughout the process, the production of the video may take longer than a live action video. Furthermore, without actors; the video may lack connection to the audience.
Live action videos are ideal for creating a connection with the audience, it’s great for tangible product sales too. The production time is significantly shorter than that of an animated video and that helps in the fast paced digital world. There are some downfalls to live action videos. They are not appropriate for every business. It is sometimes challenging to communicate abstract, complex and conceptual ideas. The videos can be boring and disengaging. Production cost is significantly higher, due to pre-production time, equipment, actors and talent management. Post-production and revisions mean that this option has the potential to cost an arm or leg.
Banter offer video creation amongst our many other marketing tools and if you are in need of video creation for your business to benefit and receive maximum ROI that comes from video marketing why not give us a try? But you can keep your arms and legs thanks!
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