The History of Banter

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While the final season of Friends was winding down and Facebook was still The FacebookBanter had it’s humble beginnings in the mind of founder Craig Meiring. Craig was a corporate calendar designer by day and a creative t-shirt designer by night at Bantersaurus Inc and later Bantersaurus Graphics. Eventually over the course of four years, Bantersaurus Graphics expanded it’s service offering to include not just t-shirts but general DTP and graphic design.


While you were thumbing your way through Angry Birds on your iPhone 4 and making your way to the theatre to see The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Bantersaurus Graphics was evolving into the more recognizable Banter Graphics. This was about the time that website design started making it’s way into the business with simple design and HTML development.


Winter was definitely coming in 2011 when Game of Thrones made it’s debut on the small screen. Meanwhile, in a slightly less gruesome way, Banter Graphics was about to hatch out of it’s dragon’s egg too! Late in the year, Craig teamed up with his wife Carissa and hatched a plan to take the company to the next level.


The odds were definitely in Banter Graphics’ favour in the beginning of2012, when like Katniss of The Hunger Games the company came out on top as Banter Media. While dancing along to Psy’s Gangnam Style Craig and Carissa embarked on a new adventure by quitting their day jobs and committing to Banter Media full time. The business was growing at an exponential rate, clients now demanding digital design, front end web development and email marketing. Before the year was out Banter Media had it’s own office space and a new employee.


In between dousing themselves in cold water for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, the Banterians found time to refine their service offering yet again. Moving even deeper into the digital space, Banter Media moved into social media marketing and higher level website and portal design and development. All while humming Let It Go from Disney’s Frozen.


Much like the throng of 20-somethings chasing Pokemon in every public place, Banter has really come a long way! In 2016, with a simpler, sleaker and sexier brand and another new staff member, Banter Media has evolved into Banter. Looking to the future, the goal is to become one of the leading digital solutions agencies in South Africa. With a strong focus on clients’ needs and creative solutions, that goal is just within reach!


A year that will be rembered in infamy for the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic. No sports, no concertes, no toilet paper! It was a tough time! Prior to the turn of the decade, we had been working behind the scenes on many new projects and endeavours and thus our footprint had increased beyond Gauteng. The need to have localised touch points for all our clients prompted us to open an additional branch in the fair Cape at the lovely Mandela Rhodes Place, Cnr. Wale & Burg Street. 

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