So, it turns out you’re not using Facebook to its full potential. Well, not Facebook per se but rather Facebook Pixel. This nifty piece of code will seriously change your targeted marketing efforts and provide you with even more data about your ideal customer.

What is The Facebook Pixel?

This little guy is a small piece of code that gets placed on each page of your website. Yup that’s all it is, but what it does is, the really cool part. With this code you can track user actions that led to your site being found, what the user does on your site and even knowing how many times an image has been viewed. Pretty sweet right? The biggest advantage is if you have an e-commerce store as it will also track the users shopping habits, lost sales, cross sells and more.

Why use The Facebook Pixel?

Adding code to your website can seem pretty daunting sometimes (that’s why Banter is here) but once you get past the installation of the pixel – the rewards are never ending.

Speak to the right people

Knowing what your customers want by seeing how they interact on your site and understanding what the customers experience is, allows your business to adapt and revise content and functionality to deliver a stronger message. With this information, you will be able to target more like minded people and thus increase your conversion rate.

Re-targeting of adverts

When any given person visits your site via mobile or a desktop device, certain tracking information is gathered via this Pixel. With this information, your targeted adverts and campaigns on Facebook will take this into account and identify people who have visited your site before, or visited sites similar to yours. Resulting in the ability to show the best advert for that user based on their interests and online habits. This means that your advertising budget is not wasted on non-interested people and you will get a much higher engagement and conversion rate. Thanks Facebook!

Making life easier

As with all digital tools, using the wrong one will inevitably take more time and cause more frustrations than solutions. The Facebook Pixel is the clean cut, targeted approach to figuring out what your clients want more of and what they want less of. Conversion tracking, effective advert activity tracking, additional Facebook features, re-targeting, getting the right people see your adverts, measure the success of your adverts and drive more sales. All of these doors open up with The Pixel.  ‘Nuff Said.
If you are wanting some invaluable data about your ideal customer and/or have an online e-store, then this is a must for your business. Stay ahead of the digital curve and get Facebook Pixel. Contact us now!

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