How can you tell the difference between an influencer that is going to take your brand to new heights vs an influencer who may harm your brands name and values?

Knowing how to align your influencer campaign with the RIGHT concept will help you create a campaign that’s aligned with the RIGHT goals and measures.

How to find Influencers for Your Campaign

Have you ever scrolled through your social media platforms and seen an Influencer promoting a product/service and been like; “WOW she really knows how to market this brand.” It grabs your attention and makes you want to find out more? I’m sure you have. But… have you ever thought that this person would be perfect for your campaign? This is the most popular process of finding Influencers. Seeing how well they promote other brands first hand.

In reality, influencer selection is far more complex than just finding the right influencer. It involves finding influencers who are both passionate and influential.

An existing influencer network agency that is carefully selected to suit your businesses marketing needs may be the path to your perfect influencer. Also consider businesses that host casting calls; agents and managers; and reaching out to influencers yourself who you don’t know and most probably don’t know you.

One can easily find and filter the most relevant influencers for your brand through their profiles. They can also be targeted using various factors such as age, location, and brand affinities.

Influencers - NANO

Nano Influencers

  1. 1k – 5k followers.
  2. They have devoted followers that they most probably know in real life, which makes them wanted by brands and marketers.
  3. They have an established connection, trust and influence over their audience.
Influencers - SMALL

Micro Influencers

  1. 5k – 50k followers.
  2. This is the most popular influencer group type.
  3. Micro has a higher engagement rate than macro and mega influencers.
  4. They are focused on content quality.
Influencers MID


  1. 50k – 300k followers.
  2. These influencers expect more than just a free product in exchange for posts.
  3. More of a part-time Influencer.
Influencers - MACRO


  1. 300k – 1M followers
  2. These are experienced Influencers and know what they are doing.
  3. They are full-time influencers or even have a manager representing them.
Influencers - MEGA


  1. Distinguished Influencers/Celebrities who have skilled managers.
  2. Their rates are much higher than any other type of Influencer.
  3. You are paying to be associated with them not just for their content.

Choosing the right Influencers – 5 tips to get you started

“The right influencers can help you reach the right audience.” Craig – Director of Banter

1. You have to interpret both quantitative (how many followers, location, age, overall post performance) and qualitative (content quality – is it creative or boring, does this influencer fit your brand, are their values the same as your brands) influencer data to find the right creators for your campaign.

2. Influencers must be able to create targeted content. You must know more about the influencer themselves than just their demographics and follower size.

3. Influencers must be persuasive on their platform/s. Creating influential and appropriate content can vary on different social media platforms in order to reach the right target audience.

4. Influencers should understand how to create content that supports your messaging. The influencer must be able to carry the creative content all the way through to the viewer buying the product/service.

5. The behaviour of the target audience matters.

    • One of the most important things to consider when selecting an influencer is the audience behaviour. This is especially true when it comes to analysing the likes and comments of your audience.
    • Analysing the # that the influencer uses can give you an idea of who their target audience is. #momfluencer is targeting a slightly older audience whereas #selfie is targeting a younger audience.
    • Being able to nail down these insights is super important for influencers because they often have multiple audiences and varying levels of influence.

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