How to Create an Influencer Marketing Campaign

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Influencer Marketing

In part 4 of our 5 part series on Influencer marketing, we provide a guide to understanding the various elements and how to execute a successful influencer campaign. Let’s piece the puzzle together to achieve a perfect fit for your brand.

Set your goals

We can relate to some marketers who still give influencer marketing the shady eye. There are a lot of things that marketers and brands are talking about that are not related to the long-term value of an influencer campaign.

While it is true that influencer marketing can be effective at reaching specific goals, there are also many other factors that go into creating a successful campaign. Many businesses still believe that influencer marketing is just a way to create brand awareness. But it goes far beyond just reach and likes.

There are plenty of ways to get the most out of influencer marketing. It should boost sales, drive website traffic and foot traffic. It is important to make sure that your campaigns are structured in a way that achieves the goals that you have set out for them.

These goals are the metric you use to measure the accomplishment of your influencer campaign.

Your goal could range from creating hype for a new product, increased traffic to your website or even just creative content to be posted across social platforms.

A well-designed influencer marketing strategy is an integral part of any organization’s marketing plan. It can help you reach out to potential buyers, generate leads, and build a brand presence.

Choose the right structure 

Influencer marketing campaigns are personalised to reach specific goals. It is important to determine how your campaign is structured in order to achieve your outcome.

There are three campaigns your brand can use to reach your goals.

  1. Brand Awareness: Rebranding, Explainers, Events, Product launches

Helps you get noticed quickly by potential customers. They work best when you’re trying to introduce a new product or brand, or when you’re rebranding.

  1. Content Campaigns: Paid ads, Storytelling, Product images, Social content

High-value sponsored content is designed for brands to reuse across all necessary channels.

  1. Traffic/Clicks Campaigns: List-building, Follower growth, Site traffic and Sales

Works best for driving traffic to your website, growing your customer base and increasing sales.

Choose the right social media platform

Each social media platform has its pro’s and cons. They offer different advantages that are appropriate for achieving different campaign goals.

For example, lets break down the percentage of brands using the following platforms for their Influencer campaign

Young demographic target market

Instagram: 79%

TikTok: 45%

Facebook: 46%

Mature demographic target market.

YouTube: 36%

Twitter: 24%

LinkedIn: 12%

Influencer marketing campaign

So how do you choose the right platform? Ask yourself:

  1. What does my audience need to see and hear to understand the value of my product/service?
  2. Where does my audience spend most of their time online?
  3. What platform do I think will give my brand the most attraction? Taking into consideration point 1 and 2.

So, what are you waiting for? Get online, find your biggest fans and start your influencer marketing strategy. Do you need help building your brands social media platforms or website, pop us an email, and let us help you achieve your goals and target the right audience.

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