App-arently, this is the app-ropriate time to bring up the topic of applications (or apps, as cool people call them). I thought it would have been in App-ril, but better late than never.

As you would expect, Banter loves a good app. Whether it is the most addictive game, the trendiest online shop, the latest social media platform, or even the most edgy online dating platform (we like long romantic walks from your office with a signed retainer contract in hand. #SwipeRight). But above all, we love an app that can help grow a business.

That’s why we are feeling quite smug about adding yet another service to our already app-undant list. We are now offering to create an app to accompany your website.

With the ever-increasing number of mobile devices and mobile internet users, it is becoming a necessity to have a website that is mobile ready. Given the statistics, you’re most likely reading this on your mobile device. After all, most of us don’t need an excuse to pick up our phone (after typing that sentence I genuinely checked if I had any new notifications. I really did). As such, web developers started creating websites that are optimized to smaller screens (All of Banter’s websites are responsive so we already have this covered).

Another way to cater to the mobile user is to create an app for your website. Although, it requires more work and more money – it has the potential to set your business apart from your competitors and bring in a lot of business. Now we don’t all need an app that orders food, picks us up, or even makes cool selfie pics; most businesses need a simple and effective way to showcase their website and keep customers informed – Enter the website to app replicator!

With the constant reminder of your website on the user’s phone and the added features such as push-notifications, users are more likely to visit your website or app more frequently. Turning leads into customers and giving a consistent, professional user experience.

As Banter is a leading digital agency we are proud to offer another innovative service to better help your business flourish. Contact us to discuss your app-solutely brilliant website app.

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