Social media mistakes

3 Social Media Mistakes that Make You Look Like a Rookie


The key element that sets it apart is the ability to bluff your opponents; regardless of the cards you’re dealt. So you’re not always playing the cards in your hand. You’re playing your opponents.

Anytime they say or do something unexpected, they’re possibly giving you hints about their cards. This tell is usually involuntary, but it can clue you in to what cards they’re really holding. If you’re experienced enough, then you can pick up on these quickly and know exactly what type of player you’re up against.

The same is true online, there are certain “tells” that aren’t obvious to most. But if you know where to look, you can quickly uncover the truth. Discover the 3 Social Media Mistakes that Make You Look Like a Rookie.

Social media mistakes

Each individual status update should be a part of a larger strategy. The careful coordination of your activities will give you much better return in the long run. So before doing anything, you need to start with an overarching goal. 

The one you pick will act as an anchor that brings order from chaos, and it will simplify your decision-making when you need to choose between conflicting options.

Typically, there are three primary ways to use social media:

Growth / Awareness

Engagement (Proactive)

Service (Reactive)

With that in mind, you could write one status update three different ways. This “anchor” is what ultimately guides those small, day-to-day decisions. So get in the habit of running marketing campaigns that build off each other.

For example:

  1. Growth – “Take a look at our lovely new branded shirts.”
  2. Engagement – “Do you like branded shirts? Let us know what you think about them.”
  3. Service – “We offer branded shirts at a great price. Contact us for more info.”

When you string enough of these micro decisions together, you’ll start to get some momentum, but only if the next one builds off the last.

Social media mistakes

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Social media mistakes

Online marketing is part art, part science. You have to do a lot of experimenting, and failing before you find what really works well. So when you do find successful tactics, try to make them as “repeatable” as possible. Obviously this helps to manage your customer’s expectations. But it goes deeper than that.

When you have repeatable tactics, you can start to estimate and forecast potential results.

Social media mistakes

For example, if “X” tactic gets you between 200-300 visits each week, and that traffic converts at “Y”%, then you will make R”Z”.

Tactic: Social post directing user to a blog post which upsells a product of R500
Result: 300 visits to website.
Leads: 20 people enquired.
Conversions: 5 bought product.
Sale: R2500

Social media mistakes

You’ll immediately uncover the areas you need to address to increase sales/bring in more customers and/or increase conversions, and you’ll know how much you can invest in marketing to achieve or improve your results. For example, start advertising or hiring extra staff to scale these tactics for you.

If you have to invest R500 or one hour to get 100 visits, then think about how you can make that process more efficient and squeeze out a little more, for a little less, and you’ll start to see that you really don’t need 10 different tactics or to be on every single social network. You just need a few that are performing well, with possible room to grow. And you can focus your energy on doing more with less.

Social media mistakes

Customer engagement is the missing link between strangers and loyal buyers. People need to trust you before they’re going to buy anything.


The simplest definition of social media engagement is in the form of interaction between your customer and your brand. This takes place within social media networks. Don’t get confused with a reaction. 

Look a little deeper, and see if people are engaged with your online presence:

High time on site and/or pages per visit

Low bounce rates

Above-average conversion rates or click through rates

High email member ratings (based on open and click rates)

It’s certainly not about a once-off communication. It’s about talking to your potential customer about the product or service that they have commented on. Whether a social media post, or in a direct message, it’s taking the time to answer questions, gather contact details to send more information and build trust online. This is the start of a long-term relationship with your target audience.

So how do you increase engagement and create customer loyalty?

Demographic information only gets you so far. You need to understand what makes them take action or freeze up when it’s time to buy. And many times your online audience will be different from your loyal, past customers.

Social media mistakes

“The “curse of knowledge” prevents us from seeing the obvious.”

For example: Last year I surveyed a client’s customer database of over 400,000, and less than 25% even knew they had a blog or Facebook page!

So obviously, you either need to do a better job of getting these people to your online properties, or you need to change the message to match your potential online customers.

Social media mistakes
It doesn’t matter if you’re using the hottest marketing strategy and the most cutting-edge social media techniques, if you don’t make these 3 social media mistakes, you will not look like a rookie and your campaigns will start gaining traction.

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