The birth of the form

The web form has become an integral part of online culture to accomplish a number of tasks required by consumers, business’ and pretty much anything on the world-wide web. Traditionally ‘The form’ has been extremely basic in its styling and interaction featuring basic data fields to capture specific information. They are functional and, let’s be honest, they are simply BORING! With advancement of code and techniques such as html and css to where we are today and of course, the introduction of tablets and smart phones, forms – like everything else on the web – have needed to become responsive to cater for this “mobile” market. Modern requirements have also influenced forms in a major way, with components such as security (CAPTCHA and SSL) Client Management, Social Media integration, newsletter subscriptions, article & blog comments, support queries & forums, application, surveys?, purchases etc. These forms have created a two-way communication channel between the user and the provider. Thanks to for their blog on the evolution of web forms over the past 10 years. Quite an interesting read!

The next step

Changing the way we code these forms now allows us to create a much more exciting and modern form that will enhance the user’s experience and increase the chances of them actually filling out the form (which is ultimately what we want them to do.) A combination of functionality, design and lead generation strategies, help create an engaging, enticing and wonderful branding tool. In this short blog article on Majestic 3, I briefly explain the free flow form in a more technical way for those of you that are interested, with reference to a Gallery light box free flow form that we did for our client RHVDH. Here is another example of a free flow form we developed for GardenShop. This “Birding Checklist” will be updated with the real Bird calls in the near future making it a fully interactive form and let’s be honest here, so much cooler than a standard form. If you still want more info on forms – here is a quick trivia quiz on forms and their elements. This one’s for the developers. (just so we are clear – We did not design this form) If like what you see and want to learn how this can be adapted to your business, then contact us so we can discuss your requirements and start to:
Increase engagement with your clients.
Stand out above your competitors.
Increase revenue!

Now aren’t those 3 really good reasons to go digital?

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