We are a firm believer in imparting knowledge and empowering our clients.

Discover all the most important aspects of social media marketing, website blogging and email marketing in our hands-on digital workshops running till the end of 2017!

As a small to medium business, the greatest challenge in facing your digital marketing is the lack of know-how. Our workshops transform and enable you to handle your digital marketing needs head on!

These workshops are hands-on, engaging and interactive.

Discover both the strategies that set the basis for success as well as actionable tactics that can super-charge your results. Our workshops cover everything from strategy to tools, tips and tricks to help you get more from your digital marketing executions.

“UPP highly recommends Banters Social Media training course. It will without a doubt help you to set your social media interaction apart from your competitors. You will also receive invaluable tools to use to create amazing campaigns.”

Mandy Keil

Office Manager
Under Pressure Plumbing

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“We learnt invaluable tools that have brought our non-existent social media strategy into a living, breathing being of its own! If your business is not on social media you are making a big mistake. We highly recommend this course.”

Simone De Pinho

De Pinho Attorneys

Most people don’t just learn by listening – they learn by doing.

Find new ways to reach your customers and get heard through the noise.

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