Banter has arrived

For the last few months, we have been hard at work behind the scenes, re-aligning our businesses goals, vision and strategy. As well as looking at what driving factors would spear head our solutions into the next 5 years. Our core focus is to continue to provide innovative solutions that deliver the best results and take our clients into the digital age.

As we strive to create solutions that just make sense, it was time we took a leap forward with our own brand. So after many late nights and multiple versions of every element, we are extremely proud to be introducing our new identity.

Our new look and feel! Our new brand. Our new direction!

Onwards & Upwards

As the business has grown, it has evolved into a diverse, yet niche business model that allows us to ultimately help our clients achieve their goals. With our fingers on the pulse of digital, we are able test these new solutions and implement them at an agency level.

All this comes along with a costing model that ensures that each new innovative solution is viable for our local market.

From strategy and marketing, brand and content creation to implementation, management and reporting, campaigns, lead generation and of course, design and development. Whether it be needed in web, email, print or branding, Banter has it covered.

We’ve got you!

The Breakdown

Inspired by the history of our logo and our new vision and new solutions; our new logo represents several elements that really capture the Banter spirit


As you can see we have dropped the ‘Media’ so that we are now just Banter! This is a conscious effort to not define ourselves by just one service or range of services.


We also have a new colour palette that is fresh and contemporary. We are sticking with our trusted teal and grey, but also adding a few other colours to mix it up and show just how flexible Banter can be!


Our new font is clean, modern and a perfect combination of cool and playful. Everything that Banter stands for!


The simplistic curve represents our smiles, our happiness in what we do, and also our promise to ensure our clients are always happy with our services.


For the icon, we referenced our previous logo and decided to carry through a more simplified version of the speech bubble. This represents one of the core values of Banter: communication. The personal conversation we have with our clients has become the signature of our business. We love witty Banter in all conversations!


Banter has always kept our focus on global trends and new developments in digital. Our new icon reminds us of an eye. So we’re keeping an eye on our future, and keeping an eye out for our clients!


And even though we’re looking to the future doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten where we came from! Our final symbolism is a simplified map pointer – indicating not only our business being ‘put on the map’ so to speak, but also referencing our clients who range far and wide and to remind us where we come from.

The Evolution

Our simpler look places more focus on our refined services and solutions and the evolution of our brand. Driving our clients and ourselves forward into the next 5 years and beyond. Enabling us to be one of the leading digital solution agencies in SA.

Our Community

The Banter community has evolved! But we still remain grounded to what makes us different.

banter_iconContent Creation

We will be providing you with cutting edge websites and designs just like before, but with the bigger picture in mind. Not only will we be developing and designing for your platforms, we will be creating content, such as copy, animation, illustration and video. Creating a more cohesive digital presence and user experience for your brand.

banter_iconTraining & Workshops

We will also shower you with great content and educational titbits via our channels of communication as we have been. But we will be taking it up a notch, providing group training and workshops to facilitate the growth of your brand. Enabling you to take ownership of the smaller everyday running of your own digital presence.

More Social

We have updated our social media channels! You can now find Banter on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, SoundCloud and the new kids in town, Instagram, and YouTube. Make sure you follow the channel of your choice to stay up to date on all things Banter.

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